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Teenage Driving Tips

According to the Federal Highway Administration, teen drivers are 4x more likely to be in an accident than adult drivers.  Keep your teen safe with the following tips from National General Insurance:

Know the road — Even the best teenage drivers don’t have the judgment that comes from experience. Make sure teens understand what “skidding” really means, or driving in snow or ice, or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. And consider restricting your teens’ nighttime driving. Such driving curfews have been shown to reduce the number of crashes 40 to 60% according to the Journal of Safety Research.

A well-maintained car is a safe car — Teach your teen about keeping his or her vehicle in good repair. That includes tire safety, watching out for curbs and potholes, and regular oil and fluid checks along with making sure that emergency equipment, a cell phone, and a first-aid kit are always in the car.

Hang up and drive — Teen or adult, a driver talking on the phone is four times more likely to get into a serious accident according the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Advise your teen against talking on the phone while driving, and be sure to set a good example yourself.

Awareness is key — Make sure your teenager understands the importance of anticipating that the other guy is a bad driver – not paying attention, in a hurry, and so on.


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